Design Assist & Design Build

Drawing upon years of experience, at Bombard Electric, we have found that the Design Assist/Build approach can offer the best method of providing the customer with maximum value at lowest installed cost. The Design Assist/Build Collaboration Approach is even more critical on projects where the design and construction timeframes are condensed. Our collaborative approach has proven to be extremely valuable where a need exists for significant interaction with various agencies and building departments. This is where our in-house design capabilities can prove to be essential to the owner, general contractor, and architects. Our team of professionals closely follows local and national electrical, fire, building, and energy codes.

We understand that Design Assist/Build requires a fluid process. We start by listening closely to the customer and the other team members to gain a clear understanding of the priority of the project design parameters. We will be proactive in suggesting and/or supporting any design alternatives that are in the best interest of the project.

Sophisticated owners, developers and general contractors have discovered that the traditional low-bid award process may create adversarial project conditions that ultimately lead to higher, final build out costs. These higher costs come in the form of change orders, extended completion dates, and litigation costs. To mitigate these conditions, a non-adversarial Design Assist/Build process has been developed. This process creates a team atmosphere in which Bombard Electric works hand in hand with the architect, mechanical, plumbing, designer, special systems designers, general contractor, and owner.

The surest way to save money on a project is to avoid unnecessary work or over-designed scope. Bombard Electric is an electrical contractor with a full staff of professional, designers, registered communication distribution designers, and cost specialists trained to develop the most efficient and cost effective approach to an installation. We are in a position to recommend the latest, most cost-efficient construction methods, as well as provide proven cost-saving techniques that can be integrated into a building's electrical system design. The staff incorporates value engineering whenever possible and is usually able to offer sound alternatives that can reduce the total installation cost.

Whether we perform design assist/build work from one of our office locations or on-site, you are assured the highest quality design documents prepared by a highly trained staff of professionals using the latest hardware and software technologies.

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