Preventative Maintenance Programs

Bombard Electric Service Division will work with the owner to set up a comprehensive Electrical Maintenance Check List:

1. Review the past maintenance records that may point to certain components that need to be closely inspected during performance of preventive maintenance.

2. Review operator records concerning electrical load readings and compare with equipment ratings. Review or set up temperature readings to determine abnormal operations of the system.

3. Inspect secondary electrical distribution equipment.

4. Remove debris, dirt and other foreign objects from all components, housings, cabinets, panels, etc.

5. Torque all electrical connections to design value.

6. Verify proper operation of existing electrical equipment.

7. Conduct infrared testing of all main current carrying equipment for hot spots that may indicate overload conditions or loose connections.

8. Use calibrated testing instruments to verify correct system readings.

9. Set up PMP programs for semi annual and/or annual inspections.

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